NūWaver Hair Waver
NūWaver Hair Waver
NūWaver Hair Waver
NūWaver Hair Waver
NūWaver Hair Waver
NūWaver Hair Waver - Side
Wavy blonde hair
NūWaver Hair Waver

NūWaver Hair Waver

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Naturally wavy. Perfectly disheveled. Beach-breeze-with-a-dash-of-salt-water hair. 

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  • 100% original design created by a top team of industry-leading hair professionals
  • Works on ALL hairstyles: dry, damaged, frizzy, long, short, greasy 
  • Innovative and custom-made heating plates provide more wave control
  • No sliding or turning is required. Just press and go! 
  • Natural, salon-quality style made in minutes
  • A contemporary, youthful look without looking “young”
  • Triple heat settings to accommodate any and all hairstyles
  • Cutting-edge heating technology means you go from ‘unplugged’ to ‘fully heated’ in less than 1 minute
  • Seamless swivel-cord prevents any tangling/cord spaghetti
  • Textured matte finish provides easy grip


  • Plugin. Wait 60 seconds to heat up.
  • Press hair for 2-3 seconds to create waves. Repeat.

This surefire summer style is just minutes away with the NuWaver.


Nailing the “effortlessly messy” look takes time and talent. Or, at least it used to. That’s why we created a first-of-its-kind hair styler that provides the same organic, tousled, salon-style waves in minutes.

Other “trident” hair crimpers make awkwardly even waves, creating a look that’s much more 2001 Britney Spears than 2021 mermaid-next-door.

No need for a 3-hour salon appointment. Say “bye-bye” to multi-braids for the sake of some waves. 

Plug it in, heat it up, and in just seconds you can quickly press your hair into messy waves, no sliding or turning required.

It’s that simple. Now rock your mermaid top and join the Wave!