Jeff Chastain

Working as a hairstylist for nearly two decades, owning a salon in NYC, and founding two separate hair and grooming product lines, Jeff Chastain has become one of the most sought after experts when it comes to head-to-toe men’s grooming.

Hollywood VIPs such as Sam Rockwell, Jesse Tyler Fergusen and Jonathan Tucker have relied on Jeff for years for personally tailored cuts and styles.

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Let's Get Straight to the Point

We live in an era where we have no time for ourselves. We get up, we shower, we work, we train, we eat, we sleep, and we do it all over again the next day. We wanna look and feel good, but spending 45 minutes getting ready isn’t an option.

We know there are a million different grooming products out there that have VERY specific purposes and typically don’t work the way they advertise. On top of that, they take up too much space in our bathroom and in our gym bags.

Here’s where I come in. MASC® by Jeff Chastain (this guy right here) has everything you need to get cleaned up and styled with multi-functional products in record time. From the shower to out the door, I got you covered.

But there’s more! MASC® by Jeff Chastain will be launching the #TotesMASC initiative and donating 5% revenue from select products to different non-profit organizations every month, and YOU get to choose!

Every month on Instagram I will hold a contest using the hashtag #TotesMASC to decide where you want the money to go. Now, more than ever, Americans need help. Women’s health organizations, the LGBT community, addiction recovery programs, community outreach, education, and so many more progressive programs will be my focus, but I need your help!

So let’s get pretty on the outside as well as the inside… everyone wins!

Yours truly,
Jeff Chastain