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Are you a salon owner, hair stylist, store owner, or distributor? We invite you to learn about our wholesale reseller program and collaborate with us on ways to carry MASC by Jeff Chastain beard and hair products.

Wholesale Reseller Program

For nearly two decades, Jeff Chastain used his expertise as a hair stylist to become one of the most sought after experts in head-to-toe grooming! Men can now recreate his signature looks with MASC by Jeff Chastain Products. The MASC® Kuschelbär® beard and hair straightener is a first of its kind men's grooming product that took the internet and social media by storm.
Now you can carry MASC® by Jeff Chastain products in your salon or store.
As a well-refined grooming line for men’s hair, face, beard and body, our products are like good friends – dependable, straightforward, and fun to spend time with.
Start carrying MASC® by Jeff Chastain men's grooming tools and products in your store or salon today through our wholesale reseller program by filling out the form below.
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