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The first men’s heated straightening brush, designed exclusively to smooth out both beard and hair, for a perfected, effortlessly soft finish, combining the functionality of a hairbrush with the power of heat.

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  • Negative ion technology allows hair to be hydrated and smoothed simultaneously, preventing heat damage for a healthy, polished look.
  • A heat barrier comb design, with revolutionary bristles that glide effortlessly across the face and scalp without harming the skin.
  • Quality performance ensures that the styled result is long-lasting, easy-to-achieve and effortless to touch up, even with the roughest, coarsest hair.
  • Voltage: 110V in the United States and 220V in Europe, can be used with a converter.
  • Power Consumption: 45W
  • Control Temperature: 190 C (374 F)

How To Use This Product

  • Make sure both hair and beard are completely dry before beginning use.
  • To begin, simply plug in and turn Kuschelbar on.
  • Wait three minutes for it to reach the optimal temperature of 190 C.
  • Brush through the hair and beard, going from roots to ends until the desired smoothness is achieved. Multiple passes through the same strands will not damage the hair.
  • When finished, switch Kuschelbar off and unplug it, waiting for it to cool down before doing any cleaning.
  • Follow with Gloryhold Hair and Beard Sculptor for a longer hold and stronger hair.


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10.25 x 4.75 x 2.5 in



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