What is a Beard Straightener and Why Do I Need It?

3 years ago, I created the FIRST EVER men’s electric styling tool: The Kuschelbar Hair and Beard Straightener!

The Kuschelbar is 100% a custom design that is tailored for safe, direct contact with the skin. With 4 combs arched around the heat plate, the hairs will not only be straighter and softer, but you also control the direction the hairs will lay (cowlicks no more!).

Beard and hair lengths ranging from 1/2” to 12+” can be controlled! The slower you brush, the straighter the hair gets, and ANY hair type can smoothed out!

Kuschelbar is also returnable with no questions for up to 30 days with a year warranty. THERE'S NO RISK! See why over 30,000 people have purchased a Kuschelbar and use it daily.

From one beardo to another,
Jeff Chastain
MASC Founder
...and the guy whose beard is all over Facebook.

Kuschelbär® ORIGINAL Hair and Beard Straightener Kuschelbär® Pro-Edition Kuschelbär® Cordless BLOWN Blow Dryer Gloryhold 4 oz Magnum

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Working as a hairstylist for nearly two decades, owning a salon in NYC, and founding two separate hair and grooming product lines, Jeff Chastain has become one of the most sought after experts when it comes to head-to-toe men’s grooming.

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